Good Wednesday! Do you see in this picture the most famous fashion icon/model/trendsetter of the world?! Well, Miss “Icon” Kate Moss has started a new adventure, or a new vision oh herself. Maybe, you can think “it’s easy for her. She worked for fashion”. Well, be a model doesn’t mean be also a stylist or a designer, but this collection is the proof that Kate Moss is The Icon of fashion. In partenership with one of the most famous London brand, Topshop, she launched her latest creation, It’s not hte first time that Moss and the label work together, but this time is different because this is a real, complete collection.

What better face than if not her own to publicize her personal style? Collection is full of fringe: fringe jackets, fringe dresses, fringe everywhere! Leather jackets are offered along with short dresses, fluttering, full of light, because in this collection also black shines. But you know, Black is Kate Moss Color. Collection includes balearic dressing, pajama dressing, cocktail hour and tailoring noir. All clothes, although it seems simple at first glance, show a certain attention to detail them if it looks good. Pretty and romantic white jackets, clothes, sometimes used as a backdrop for fantasy lit and colorful. Glitter, catchy lines and sensual, tight, transparency: these are the characteristics for dresses jackets and evening, that even if you are smart, do not lose touch rock that only Kate can give. Glam-rock and irreverent style, together with a certain amount of self-esteem: this is Kate style. Collection will be available from 30April on… curious? Take notes: all Topshop stores, also online store, Nordstrom stores, also online, and That Kate mania begins!
My question is only one: Kate, when will you launch your very own label? We all look forward.

Pictures: Vogue Uk

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