Hello guys! Fashion world is shocked by the recent loss of one of its members the most eclectic and controversial, Pixie Geldoff, daughter of the musician Bob Geldoff. When you lose a person is terrible, and when dies a young life is even uglier. Very sorry =(
But I want to remember her with her bold outfits and magnetic gaze.
Ok, i know, it’s time to talk about fashion. When i received an email with pictures of this campaign, i thought “What!?!?!?! (indeed, i sad what the hell!) How is possible that this brand wants i share this collection? Does it mean i’m doing something good!?!?!”. I really hope. So it’s with pleasure that today on TAG i share the latest collection of a famous italian fashion blogger and Maison About. It’s the day of Veronica Ferraro.
Veronica Ferraro

It’s possible you saw her during fashion weeks and front row, in important advertising campaigns, it’s possible, this girl knows fashion and she shares her outfits on her blog, The Fashion Fruit. And for Spring / Summer 2014, Veronica Ferraro has created a special collection for Maison About, a collection full of pastel colors, shooted by the photographer of the moment, the talented Nima Benati. The advertising campaign was photographed in the background of a playground. Rides and white horses: a vintage look is the background to print pattern cotton candy, lollipops and rides, and a cascade of pink popcorn invades over sweatshirts and T-shirts. Flowers and decorations are reproduced in fairy-tale version Maison About with kaleidoscopic print, the main feature of the brand on shirts, hoodies and clutch. A vintage collection with a pop soul that inspires all the best outfits for Spring. Audacity and romance together in a seductive mix. As a modern Lolita. Be enchanted =)

Pictures: Donatella Zini & Studio

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