Be Pop with capsule collection of Valentina Ferragni/Giorgio Ciccone

Hi guys!!!! Do you know the news? If you follow me on Twitter, or on Twitter, you probably know i cut my hair yesterday. Now, my hair are completely natural: auburn, curly and shoulder-length, nothing more. For my family and friends, it was a shock, but sometimes all need to chance. But, c’mon, come back to serious things. A few days ago, when flu was my bestfriend, I explored a bit on Instagram, and I was very lucky: I have discovered Pepper Chocolate. Precisely, the capsule collection created in collaboration with a girl who knows what style is, Valentina Ferragni, and the fashion influencer Giorgio Ciccone. A mix of different ideas for an unique collection.

Collection, composed by ten creations, is a mix of Pop Art and Art Decò. Punchy and bright colors mixed with moving and unconventional shapes and lines, as bracelets and necklaces-looking “Pop” with PVC base, studded with countless kaleidoscopic crystals. Two young fashion influencers have thought of a collection spirited, strong, with a touch of rock inside, aiming to attract people of such a young budding fashionistas who want to impress and who will not settle the classic accessory. This jewelry is synonymous not only with style but also quality: in fact, they are made by skilled artisans in the jewelry industry and jewelry and high fashion. The pieces are designed, sculpted and finished by hand and through the use of high quality materials, the result is of the highest quality. Be prepared, girls: a new Ferragni and a very talented fashion influencer are in town. Fashion has two new protagonists.

Pictures: Pepper Choccolate

Cristina Izzo

Editor in Chief of TheAuburnGirl. Former Fashion Editor of

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