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Just like a gentleman with Suitsupply

Good Saturday! I believe you are quite surprised to see men’s clothes here at TAG, but you know keep my promises and some time ago I promised to give space to men’s fashion. I waited for the right moment, and then came Ale … A few days ago, the genius of my friend and PR found this brand and he said only, “Cris, take a look.” Now I confess that I do not know if I’m in love with most of the clothes or the models. But I think that they have a significant advantage. Today i speak of SuitSupply, a Dutch brand.

When I saw for the first time images in this collection came to my mind a couple of movies, and they all have characters like wealthy businessmen who find themselves at a pool party, such as during the Spring break, where fun and chaos reign. As you can see, despite the dozens of girls in bikinis, it’s really hard not to notice these men that inspire style and class, a bit like the new husband of Olivia Palermo. Each suit expresses the high quality that this brand offers, but I’m impressed by the spirit of this collection. The suits are a type of clothing classic, yet modern details and qiesta collection known contemporary lines. Perhaps it is for this reason that I like so much. Color schemes and combinations break the rules, you can be stylish but not “stuck” or snobby. Some of these models remind me of many of the uomoni that I see in the City of London, dressed to perfection and always ready to talk business. Maybe if they looked these pictures, they would discover the fun side of fashion. One of the “motto” of the brand is “We are available to those who do not wish to go unnoticed”. Who then said that a gentleman can not be funny and witty as anyone else?

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Pictures: Suitsupply Official Website

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