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Beauty tips – goodbye white, welcome colors!

Good Sunday girls!! The last two days have been a living hell, and last night thanks to the complicity of my friends I found a moment of peace and relaxation. Ahhh, how could I live without them? Last week, I had the time and the good fortune of going to the beach, where my big surprise and horror, I found that one of the ugliest seasonal trends is very successful. I’m talking about nails painted white. But it’s not a white, cream, or pearl, ivory or close, but as if it had been painted white with painted for the walls, as the white pen that we use at school. I painted my fingers white (or total black, but i do it stille now) when I was in school, while all the girls insisted on color them of various colors. So, I appeal to all the girls: why do not you let fascinate by pastel colors?

The pastel colors are definitely more suited to the season, most vibrant, although not bright colors, and give a hint of optimism. The pastel colors in general are among the favorite and seasonal trends in addition to classic pink, you can also opt for variety of beautiful green lawn, such as those proposed by Michael Kors, neutral colors of nail polish Essie, or for a cool look and choose the strong Punk edition of Mac Cosmetics, the romantic colors of Butter London or the more sophisticated colors and glam Chanel. Choose your favorite, but you dare with colors, and do not let the blinding white ruin your tan and your summer outfits!

Pictures: Tumblr

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