sabato, Novembre 28

Glitter in the air


Yesterday, while the fashion world was thinking “OMG! Frida Giannini and her boyfriend leave Gucci”, i was sick and tired, more sick than tired, but it’s just a detail. And and what helps the spirit if not the music? Spotify. I consider it the greatest invention of music in recent years. And although Taylor Swift believes that this is not the face earn enough (poor woman, she does not have enough money to live), I could not live without.

 In the music random, i listened for the first time an old song of Pink, Glitter in the air. My eyes were closed and i started to dream/not dream: me close to a Christmas tree, a total black outfit ( sweater/pants) and a touch of light. I did not understand where the light comes from, after i looked at my feet. My feet! I was wearing exactly shoes you see inthe first pictures of the post. It was as i was light. Ok, I had a fever, but I can assure you that it was a good feeling, believe to be light, happy. No problem. So, just wake you love are called, and if for Christmas I wear a total black outfit and then I add many glitter? Moreover, the glitter are the hottest trend this winter, and then in the lights of Christmas trees and glitter, there is light for all. And where there is light, there is hope. Not bad, right?

decolletes jimmy choo
scarpe glitterate bottega veneta
sandali glitter giuseppe zanotti
decolletes glitterate kate spade
decolletes glitterate asos
ballerine giuseppe zanotti

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