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Contemporary and sexy – woman according to Liu Jo

Keep Calm girls! I know that many of you will be wondering why, despite it being summer, I insist on publishing advertising campaigns and fall collections, but I repeat to you what I repeat to her friends: Girls, these are the times and the rules of the fashion system. So, do not hate me! And then, seeing the wonders proposals, don’t you want to wear them? Today, i talk with you about a very famous, specially around the world, italian Luxury brand, Liu Jo. Pictures of Autumn/Winter 2014 are not yet outputs, but luckily those of the prefall collection are already available, as well as the collection, then, what are we waiting for?

The collection “exudes” sensuality but never abandons his elegant mood, it is entirely designed for the modern woman, who loves a relaxed everyday style. As always, Liu Jo as the woman who wants to be feminine, sophisticated and romantic, but never give up the convenience of a modern casual chic look, and if there is any detail rock, is even better. For this reason, it is composed feminine fabrics such as silk satin, the lace, chiffon and loop pile that is going to be combined with materials such as leather, plush, and denim. The collection goes through knitted dresses with long sleeves and sequin dresses in retro style geometric patterns, animal print sheath dress, slip dresses in silk satin with floral print and sexy sheath dress in leather.

The only flaw, in my opinion, is the lack of color, with some touch of red and a few colorful print, and a certain lack of possibility: I honestly do not think it’s possible to mix-and-match that other brands offer. Of course, the collection, as always, is not lacking in quality and style, then you can forgive some flaws, do not you?

Pictures: Liu Jo Official Website

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