giovedì, Ottobre 22

Take it easy for the next Fall – Zara’s for you

Sweet Morning girls. While I wait for the temperature reaches a level sufficiently mild to be able to go to sea, I have a close relationship with the PC, or better to say, with the sites of estore. Ah, being a person who looks ahead, I’m already studying the trends for next fall, or as my mom says, I will not arrive unprepared for the next London Fashion Week. Once you understand the atmosphere, do not wait to be in a new dance! So, yesterday, going around internet, I have come to the event at the site of Zara, and after a ride in the “Sales”, I let myself be seduced by three words: AW 2014 Collection.

As always, Zara has surprised me, and who usually goes into a store Zara, you know what I’m talking about. First of all, the jackets. Among trench coat asymmetrical, unstructured striped blazeres, so chic, striped parka so cool to watch (and you will immediately want to wear them), it is easy to get lost. The construction of the outfit is very simple, according to Zara: the garments, which are fluttering skirts, asymmetrical or court, checkered shirts or transparent, or dresses with straight lines and clean, intriguing prints or suits, are structured so that each piece is easily combined with other pieces, making always a harmonious result. No piece above the other, but it fits almost perfectly, a well-constructed plot to play with each time in a different way. The colors and prints that make the difference: from lemon yellow to dark emerald green, through an almost pure white and a black half-hearted, the color gives it that extra touch pià to an item of clothing that at first glance may appear bland. Of course, if you know me at least a little, you’ll certainly caught my fondness for the jackets, while the knitwear has left me a little disappointed, I find it decidedly subdued for my taste. But the jackets, especially the first two of this post, well questsi items in a wardrobe that make all the difference in this world.

Pictures: Zara Website

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