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Classic and contemporary inside Brian&Barry

Good Monday! To start week in a very good way, I thought I’d post something different from the usual. Not the usual brand or collection, but something that unites in itself both. Something that express many different styles, something that mix classic and contemporary. It so happens that at the end of last week, I got in touch with Brian&Barry, a major chain of stores where style is at home.

So, for Spring/Summer 2014, Brian&Barry proposes a new way to look fashion world. Not only a division between brands, but propose a new lifestyle concept, a new fashion concept: to live in an integral fashion according to a precise philosophy. The womenswear and menswear are divided into classic and contemporary, and within these two sectors is possible to express a different concept, but well-defined fashion.

The iconic Woman chooses clothes timeless, able to give a unique and highly recognizable and elegant. Just as the Iconic man capable of renewing itself, a lover of precious plots of a double-breasted, but also of high quality garments with modern lines juxtaposed with one another class to redefine the concept of elegance.

For those who love to anticipate trends and fashions, Brian&Barry comes to proposing a new vision of street-style no longer relegated solely to leisure, but it is able to adapt, with unexpected and impeccable taste, all occasions of everyday life. This is the philosophy of a more contemporary fashion, both for men and for women.

Fashion is not only labels or any material things, but it is also the ability to create something new, deeply artistic and as close to the ideal of beauty. Brian&Barry, through the stores, perfectly captures this spirit. Find Brian&Barry store near to you and start to live a new way of doing fashion.

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