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A new interpretation of the sea by ACNE Studios

Good Tuesday! Before i start talking about the lovely brand of today, i just want to say thanks to all of you. You have no idea how all of you make me happy, because it is thanks to you that I can write about important brands, but mostly talking about fashion freely with you every day.

You know, i’m not an “outfitter-blogger”, but i’m a personal shopper, a fashion blogger, a lifestyle blogger, a beauty blogger, or simply a blogger, but i just want that all of you can have the chance to know more about fashion, not only what i wear. All of you have a personal style, I don’t want to change it, but simply enrich it, making you learn many aspects of fashion.

Said that, today I want to tell you about a brand that I have had the opportunity to see and learn well while I was in London for LFW, ACNE STUDIOS.

Spring Summer ’14 Collection is very close to me because sea is the thread of the entire collection; i live on an island, and as all the people who live on an island, I have a special connection with the sea (I love the winter sea).

Creative director of the brand, Jonny Johansson, has its personal mood to understand and interpret the sea, and in this coolection, he expresses all his vision. Sea is unpredictable, i know very well,  and if you close your eyes in front of it, you can listen its steady pace and melodious, and within it seize all its strength. 

The woman seen as a seductive sea creature, at first glance, but if you look good, you can catch all her inner strength.

The collection has all this elements inside, its lines are melodious and sweet as the waves, but powerful for their precision and for their ability of expression, as powerful and intense are colors used, as white, blue,red and yellow.

Jorge Luis Borges once said that “The sea is an ancient language that I can not decipher (Luna di fronte)”. Johansson did it very well.

Pictures and video: Acne Studios Press Office

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