domenica, Maggio 16


I remember an old song of Pharrell Williams ft Gwen Stefani, it was something like ” can i have like that? You got like that”.

 Pharrell sings that everyone wants something from him to have success, and now it’s of Cara. If you wanna have success or impress the world, you need Cara. Not content with having created her own line of handbags with Mulberry, being a supermodel and a Victoria’s Secret Angel, being the muse of the biggest brands in the world and have begun to take the first steps in cinema, it seems that Cara  has just recorded a song with Pharrell to make her debut in the music. Then the girl who has just launched a few days ago her capsule collection in collaboration with DKNY could be just a detail, but it is not. Cause if you look it you can understand Cara’s World. A world made by fun, stupid-adorable-funny-pretty faces, a lot of determination and desire to have fun and entertain, leave her mark in the world, all topped by a sporty style that you can not not love. And this said to me that I do not love the sporty style, but just for nothing! She headed to Selfridges in a casual combination made by a black bralette, a yellow/green varsity jacket: now, tell me, you launch your own capsule collection at Harvey Nichols in Old Bond Street, and you wear what?! Oh yes, you can do it, if you are Cara Delevingne, or you are like her. Waiting for her song, i’ll continue to sing Pharrell song. Can i have like that? You got like that! Are we  confident that soon he’ll ask her to launch his clothing line or be part of his next musical video?
ps the collection? Pretty, and i don’t know if Cara approves, but you can wear it also with heels, if you don’t love sneakers 😉

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