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Beauty on Sunday – healthy and hydrated skin

Good Sunday! Did you enjoy last Saturday night? Last weekend, I went to the cinema to see “Dallas Buyers Club”, an intense film, well told, and especially a film that pushes the viewer to reflect on how it can be extremely complex the human soul when risks its life.

But I do not want to talk to you just for the movies, I know that not all are “cinema-addicted” like me, but about hydration. 

A few weeks ago, I had spoken of the products that I love to use to cleanse and moisturize the skin. Today, I want to talk to you some products that I have tried recently and they give excellent results.

For those who have sensitive skin like me, find the right products is not always an easy thing, but over all, the products of Nivea are the best.
Despite not having dry skin, I use the oil-based fluid cream with almonds, very moisturizing and easily absorbed. 

When I have my moments of “laziness” and I really do not want to put the creams, I use the conditioner in the shower Nivea: to use after the shower gel, using it like a normal soap and then rinse off . The skin remains moisturized and clean.

For days or weeks of intense stress, I prefer to use the cream with shea butter: besides the delicious fragrance is a delicate cream so that it does not seem to have it on him, and his extreme pleasure relaxes.

Other products recently tested: Le Petit Marseillais, creams made from shea butter, sweet almond and Argan oil, they are perfect for their nutritional properties and offer a high level of hydration and proper nutrition for the skin.

Among Bio products tested:  cream and lait based moisturizing shea butter and argan oil, the best allies for a perfect hydration.

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