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Luxury headwear by Alexandra Harper

Good Morning! Saturday is finally come and I so need to relax. What a busy week!

Lately, I often see, attend various ceremonies, special occasions, and I have noticed a common denominator among all, a common accessory to many women: the hat.
You know the hat is often synonymous with elegance, the British fashion is a master in this field. So today, on the TAG, I decided to combine my passion for British fashion to my interest in this accessory.

Among the many brands found on the internet, one caught my attention for its unconventional style: Alexandra Harper Millinery.
This brand, based in London, is the result of the creative spirit of Alexandra Harper, she launched her eponymous label in 2004. 

All pieces realized are one-offs, they combine tradition, quality, originality, innovation and lots of style. all the hats have a particular attention to detail, perfectly mixing the classical with the modern, the grittier side with the more romantic.
From black to brighter pink, all creations are made in unique colors, bright, standing out to the eye of those who see them, thanks to the use of beads, flowers and highly chic details.

If you do not know how to give that little bit “more” to your putfit, discover the wonderful world of hats: there will earn you style and elegance, but remember not to overdo it if you do not have ever worn one!

Spring Summer ’14 Collection

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