martedì, Ottobre 27

An urban-chic fall signed by La Kore

Good Wednesday girls!!! Summer  has finally arrived, no, I’m not jumping for joy, you know how I feel. I love the cold, the snow, the rain, walking in the rain, drinking hot tea with my friends, in short, that kind of thing. I love spring/summer collection, I love it, but the winter fashion has its own appeal, because it is able to seduce “dressing” women, if you know what I mean. Among the collections that make me feel like winter is certainly the collection of a brand of which I spoke a few weeks ago, La Kore . How to say, the best always come back.

This collection is a mix of elegance, practicality, very glamorous, with an unexpected urban style. All this mix is achieved in short dresses, white / blacks, made of lace, a play of transparency and embroidery perfect. The urban touch is given by the mix which I love more, short dresses / elegant and boots, coats in their simple cuts but elegnati in the tissues, coats that you can mix with clothes but also to more casual pants and t-shirts. Ah, when the coat makes the difference. As for Spring/Summer collection, the brand never loses sight of its basic idea: to create clothing etiquette and ladylike, keeping youthful spirit and festive, for a young woman prone to cocktail & party dresses cut on contemporary anatomy. The advertising campaign is set in a rural landscape, where the absolute elegance of the creations not clash, in fact, enhanced by the beauty of the surrounding nature. while seeming a little fall collection, the collection of La Kore certainly likely to be among the “must-have” of the season to come.

Pictures: La Kore Press Office

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