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Amagical mystery tour to paradise with Amishi London

Hello nice girls!! Are you ready for Fifa World Cup? There is a long waiting list for this event. Will you cheer for a team? I know it should cheer for the team of their own nation, but in the end I believe that football is a matter of passion, love, or maybe it’s just a way to justify the fact that I will be cheer for England. But, come on, love is love! Strangely, the brand today has created something special for this World Cup. Who would have thought, football and fashion!? Thank to Amishi, a luxury brand based in London.

It that consists of statement jewellery and elegant evening clutches, virtually everyone in London adore this brand! Explain why it is a luxury brand is easy: it mixes a classic style to a contemporary, metropolitan, urban-chic, and combining this style with precious materials that enrich the creations, as precious stones, printed silks, semi-precious stones and Swarovski. In honor of Fifa World Cup, Amishi has created a special creation( as you can see in the image below): the Crystal Football bagDesigned with the motivation to create the most desirable pieces of luxury, it has designed a delicate bag to work with any outfit, yet still created to fit all the essentials you need for a night out, this stunning piece will suit any special occasion and outfit. 
Founded in 2006 by Amishi, that meaning ‘pure’ in Sanskrit, brand over the years has specialized in bags, all hand made, and jewelery. All his creations express a winning mix of purity, elegance, innovative design and beauty, pure beauty. The fact that the design of the bags has in itself a mix of tradition and innovation makes this absolutely valuable brand for women, nquanto it simplifies the “work” of “construction” of any outfit. 
The bags, qualitatively, are excellent as they are hand crafted by highly skilled artisans in Europe, Achieving unparalleled finish.
Brand includes also jewellery and scarves lines, but i’ll show you the first one next time, i promise. Meanwhile, I leave you to admire these masterpieces, and I pray that when I’ll be in London for LFW, I can go to see these wonders live. Enjoy World Cup, perhaps with one of these bags next to you! 😉

Pictures: M+M Management

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