All crazy for Chiara Biasi and her Bikini (Lovers)

Web is full of her pictures, about her and about her collections, so i decided to share with you one of the most famous italian blogger, Chiara Biasi.

If you love fashion and social networks, probably you have seen her pics, but if you don’t, well, here some info for you.

Chiari Biasi is a young woman in love with fashion which has a site of lifestyle, and her site is one is one of the most clicked. Last summer, in collaboration with Bikini Lovers, an italian brand that proposes young and cool beachwear, she has launched her capsule collection, and and then she has not stopped.

Miss Biasi, which claims to have started as a game with his blog and now has turned into something more, has achieved considerable success with its collection of bikinis, and in recent weeks took the photos for the next collection Spring/Summer 2014, in the fabulous island of Cyprus.

The main feature of these collections is that they are fresh, dynamic, highly sensual. The bikinis are made ​​of two pieces, perfect to mix with other pieces to create ever-new outfits from the beach.

The entire collection is made ​​up of colors that evoke the summer, from bright yellow to bright red, passing between floral prints, such as sunflowers, or sensual and irreverently cheeky black lace bikini.

Of course, looking at the pictures it’s easy to think “oh my God, I want to be a size 40!”, but summer is still far away and there is time to get in shape, and do you want to miss the chance to make a good impression at the beach?

I don’t think so, and you let yourself be infected by “Biasi-mania” for once you could show a little patriotic spirit.

Ale and I are thinking of putting on a diet right now. Who is joining us? 😉

Cristina Izzo

Editor in Chief of TheAuburnGirl. Former Fashion Editor of

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