Be rebel with Hogan and Kiera Chaplin

Among the many collaborations in the fashion world, very few are those who leave their mark, those that capture the world beyond the signatures that lead

Sometimes, by the combination of winning elements is created something amazing, incredibly beautiful, original. 

Now, try to imagine what happens if you combine a beautiful model and talented actress now a brand leader in the production of footwear?

Simple, it comes out something stunning, just like Kiera Chaplin and Hogan.

Kiera Chaplin is a famous british model and actress, she posed for the covers of most famous fashion magazines of the world, as Vogue, Vanity StyleHarper’s Bazaar, but has also appeared in the legendary Pirelli calendar in 2002, photographed by  Peter Lindbergh.

She decided to capitalize on the long experience as a model, working with a limited edition with Hogan. the historic hi-top sneaker Hogan Rebel was interpreted by British model in a key punk rock chic, to express the dynamic and rebellious side of this shoe.

The shoe comes in black leather with crocodile print in shades of bronze, decorated with studs and authenticated by the signature and stamp of the kiss the actress. This magnificent creation fully expresses the dynamic spirit of the brand Hogan who is always in step with the times.

The famous model said that she has created a shoe with a croc print color scorched earth because it reminds me of the falling leaves in autumn, her favorite season. How to blame her, if the result of so much love is this beautiful shoe?

I don’t know if i have ever told you, but i’m completely in love with this kind of sneakers, I never tire of wearing them, and in fact I use them almost every day, they are so bold, so chic with their side of glam rock, and even manage to be pretty darn romantic, just do not show it.

If you like to occasionally get off the heels 12, you try to appreciate the beauty of the sneakers, maybe these Hogan signed by Kiera Chaplin.