A stylish bag can tells a story… Borse-Libro by M.

I have always been a bookworn, since i was young. I have received the first book when i was 4 years old from my grandfather , the adventures of Peter Pan. Since then I have not stopped since.

I have my little personal library in my room, and i’m extremely proud of it, where Jane Austen’s books occupy a prominent place, along with Tolkien, Shakespeare, The Little Prince, Goethe, Dickens, Pennac and more (too much!).  
I’m the kind of person who brings almost always have a book in the bag. I never thought that fashion and books could go hand in hand, but I was wrong.

It’s with a big pleasure i share with you le Borse-Libro by M.

The Borse-Libro bags are created by the creative genius of Maria Marigliano Caracciolo, a woman who lives between Rome and London (ah, how I envy you!), and she has this talent and taste for the world of fashion.

Borse-Libro are completely handmade, customizable, in the choice of the title, in color and with the owner’s name on the back using the formula EX LIBRIS, for now they are packed to order.

Each bag reflects the taste and style of the wearer thanks to the careful analysis and treatment of its designers

Borse-Libro are colorful, witty, with an original chic mood, and they fail to give a touch of class to every style. They are designed for fashionable women, vain, but from the soul intellectual able to “play” with accessories, an intelligent and ironic, a real woman i can say.

Various editions are available just like TRADITIONAL with  traditional colors of antique books, black, blue, burgundy, green olive and red fire;
Luxury Edition: Bicolor, Limited Edition and White Parchment.

The exterior of the beads is made with French leather of high quality, brought in specially from Paris; the inner part is made ​​of silk moiré and adds a removable velvet case. A magnet retractable makes the book closes as a real Clutch. Quality products that reflect ancient traditions and new ideas.

You can find titles as The Leopard “, ” Alice in Wonderland “, ” The Little Prince “, ” Pride and Prejudice”, the best of international licterature and show others a “culture” different from the usual.

A little curiosity for you:o n the back – with the Latin formula “EX LIBRIS ” – is engraved in gold the name of the proprietary reader. 
A little gem that I know for sure that every woman would like to have

Cristina Izzo

Editor in Chief of TheAuburnGirl. Former Fashion Editor of Quotidianomime.com

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