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Stylish and creative accessories by MiJo

A new week is started. Keep calm, it’s only Monday and welcome back to The Auburn Girl. While you’re reading my latest post, i’m organizing a new surprise for all of you. Am i a good girl?I hope so.
But let’s start the day off right, speaking of a new brand with which Team Landon has collaborated: MiJo. 
If you were tuned to TAG, you’ve probably seen this brand in the last photo shoot (you can look it here).
I have used bracelet because it’s very glam, attention to details, handmade and perfect for adding a touch of style even more simple outfit that you can wear.

MiJo is a very young brand, born from the creativity of Manuela Bontà, a sicilian girl who lives in Rome with a great passion for fashion and accessories, and  a talent for embroidery and decoration.

MiJo creations are born from an idea: indeed from a base object upon which is built the entire bracelet: a zip. In the zip are added lace, beads, sequins and  new collections coming soon, even buttons, chains and macramé.

Bracelets are handmade, excellent quality, and attention to detail is remarkable: a great example of Made in Italy.Bracelets versatile that reflect the different facets of the female.

Bracelets that are more than simple fashion accessories but they can be “plus” for your style. Just as you can see in the picture below, MiJo bracelet has given that “plus” to all my outfit.

These creations can be excellent allies and also excellent gifts for those who love the most, from your friends at … yourself! 😉

A little curiosity on the name of the brand (you know how much I love these kind of story):
Mijo “is an acronym that comes from nickname of Miss Manuela Bontà,  Midori Joplin. Midori is the name of one of the protagonists of her favorite books
“Norwegian Wood”. Joplin from her favorite singer, Janis Joplin.

This brand was born under the influence of art 😉
MiJo Bracelet in the Photo Shoot
Other pieces of MiJo Collection

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