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Posh bags by Almini Milano

A new day has come and i must confess: my Christmas spirit struggles to come out,and i lose every day. I love Christmas time, it remembers to me many good things and happy moments. So, from next week you know that my Christmas spirit will come to keep company with you , sometimes.

But today, i wish to share with you my weakness, bags, and today TAG has a chance to show you Almini Milano Bags.

This type of bags are not only very stylish, but also the must have of every woman, in my opinion. Versatile by nature, elegant by birth, these bags express at their best two important fashion: quality and style.

Brand, founded in 1958 by Remo Almini, has always aimed at its attention on the research of innovative and natural materials, keeping in time to the tradition to make each piece handmade.

The design of the bags is simple and functional, but does not lose its beauty and harmony. Indeed, the innovative design, yet classic at the same time, allows the creation to keep up with the times, with an eye to the past.

The brand has built a diverse range of collections,  creating product lines in bonded leather : eco-friendly material , made from leather fiber , latex and natural fats , treated in the complete absence of chromium.

Each bag expresses great quality, great personality and a certain amount of charm that make it appealing to the eye and not just women. Bags that give a tone tres-chic to the outfit you wear, by creating a harmony of shapes and lines.

The colors of the various collections, from electric blue to beige, from vibrant red to black firmer, allow you to “play” with various mix-and-match. You can find clutchs, shoulder bags, handbags and more.

You’ll be spoiled for choice. Which you prefer? (if you go to the end of the post you will find my favorite)

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