A Japanese Romance by Luca Michele

Good Monday!!! After a bad wekend, cause i had not wifi connection, and i still have not, i’m happy because i’m planning my next travel, to Milan before, and London after. Happy!!! And talking about London and the British brands, as you well know, TAG is in contact with English PR agencies, and among the brands they represent, there is one that struck my “fashionable” mind. I’m talking about LucaMichele, a brand created by two brothers with sense of style.  For Fall/Winter 2014, duo designers has taken inspiration from a distant culture, a culture always been a source of inspiration.

A breath of the Far East, the unique style of the Country of the Rising Sun: after a trip to Tokyo, the two brothers were enthralled by both the people and the style of the place. The collection reflects a typically Japanese harmony, a harmonious mix between modern, contemporary, antique and nature . The Japanese culture is known for its ability to mix two components apparently so far . The focal point of the collection are floral prints, neon colors, bright, bright as the sun yellow or blue, black is the background, the base from which the component that binds everything from colors to shapes. The silhouettes are in fact soft and structured, thanks to fabrics used as neoprene, printed silk jersey, viscose, leather, specially for cool jackets.  Note: one dress and a jacket was inspired by the traditional Samurai outfits but translated in a modern way.  The duo designers have reinterpreted the Japanese culture, understanding fully the spirit and essence, and have created a collection for the modern woman, which takes into account and promotes the nature and the past, a self-confident woman who knows how to mix elegantly sporty and glamorous style.

Pictures: Pop Pr Uk

Cristina Izzo

Editor in Chief of TheAuburnGirl. Former Fashion Editor of Quotidianomime.com

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