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Ethnic style by Navorio

Good morning girls! While you’re reading this post, i’m on my way for a special weekend. Don’t worry, I managed to close the case, choose the suitcase fits, and what to put inside. Am I not better? Of course, it is also true that I have spent the last two days in disarray… Yesterday, before I left, I did a complete check e-mail, I would not want to come home and find the email clogged, I feel sick at the thought and I found a very interesting thing. I’ve never had much time to learn more about Navorio, but yesterday in a fit of curiosity I took a look.

For those who do not know, Navorio is the first Italian club dedicated to shopping bags and jewelry. Every day it offers an exclusive selection of independent brands in Europe and overseas, capable of making your unique and sophisticated style. Among the creations proposed Navorio offers a wide selection of small craft production, sophisticated design, attention to detail and quality materials. Among the most interesting collections, there is definitely one ethnic style, Aztec indeed, one of the most popular seasonal trends, just take a look around. Shapes, colors, stones and precious materials evoke this style never out of fashion, a style made ​​of small unique details, geometric shapes and clean lines. A style midway between the spiritual and the exaltation of materaile. Rings, bracelets, earrings portereaano you in a fabulous world. And if you know me at least a little, you know that I appreciate every single piece, and especially these simple rings from hexagonal shapes. Simple, cool and unique. Just perfect.

Pictures: Navorio Website

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