A London Calling between flowers, art decò and urban

Why be one thing when you can be an ever changing?

Well, you can be lovely, or strong, a bitch or a sweetheart. You can have a romantic style or urban one, or vintage maybe, you can be everything you want. Is there anything I can help you get all this? A brand that will help you to have a style that is always different, but you remain the same? Well i don’t know if this brand is perfect, but at least it solves 50% of the problem. I’m talking about Silvian Heach. While not a brand that I admire very much, I find it to be quite eclectic. Species in their latest collection. In its ongoing effort to bring a feminine image, the brand is inspired by the big city, especially London, and you’ve already figured out that this aspect of the collection I really like. Among floral patterns, look underground and punk rock, the brand starts with a classic England prints with hyper romantic, full of flowers and arabesques drawn from wallpapers. The floral and baroque motifs and Art Deco are definitely dominant and as I do not like very much, I find them in line with seasonal trends. But if there is something that I appreciate are model biker jackets with zip transverse and small paintings based on abstract flowers that decorate the lower part, dresses and sweaters in shades of red and light pink. The collection continues with baroque motifs dyed gold, grafted on the basis of total black to stand out even more. And speaking of gold, there are also dresses, short and long, perfect for the holidays, featuring glitter, lamé and jacquard.
This collection is a bit like when you walk on Bond Street in London: there is everything, and everything fascinates you, seduces you, and would like to be part of it all. And then … then open your eyes and really see what you like and what you do not like so much trash and one can find something really interesting. A bit like in this collection.


My wishlist –  “Must have” for Fall 2014

Pictures: Silvian Heach Official
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Autore dell'articolo: Cristina Izzo

Editor in Chief of TheAuburnGirl. Former Fashion Editor of Quotidianomime.com

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