Look at the sea and free your mind

When I have a problem, look at the sea and there hangs the mind.

I love the sea during the winter, when it is stormy, summer or in the morning when it is calm and bright, and it gives me inner strength un’incredibiel. I find balance and peace, because I stop thinking. During my rounds along the coast, I found a small bar, nice and discreet for those who do not pay maybe a second look, but you know that there you will find good food and in my case, even a tea always ready. 
So, a few days ago, I found myself there by chance, and I let the beauty of the sea enveloped me for the whole morning. A simple outfit but “right” for that moment, with the fine details to give energy and spirit of the outfit. And even a slight tan.
Have you seen how auburn are my hair?! OMG, my hair and the sun have formed an alliance against me.

Pictures: The Auburn Girl
Canon Eos 1100 D
Zara Denim Shorts
H&M Top
OVS clogs
JoysOfTuscany earrings and bracelets
Caramella Bijoux Necklace

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