You got the hottest shoes

Everytime i hear or see Jimmy Choo, i always have a song in my mind.

I don’t know if you’ve ever heard that song of Hilary Duff, Dignity? She sings something like “You got hot shoes, you got Jimmy Choo”, she sings that someone loses his dignity, becoming attached to material things rather than giving more importance to the things that really matter. Of course, I do not think that owning a pair of Jimmy Choo make me lose my dignity, but I understand the underlying message of the song. Of course, if the man has a collection international sex symbol as Kit Harington, I’m sorry not to have found something at which to propose the women’s collection. I mean, Jimmy Choo women’s shoes are famous all over the world, Emma Roberts recently said to have a real passion for this brand. How can you not love them? At the cost of losing dignity, would you want to have a pair?
And then in a brand as there you will find everything that you expect, whether you are or not a shoes-addicted:-heeled shoes, flat shoes, slippers, ankle boots, boots that come above the knee (I’m in love). All colors of the season. All prints of the season, from floral to python, through the silver and leopard print. Everything that you would want to wear. With dignity, of course.

Pictures: Jimmy Choo

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