Chasing the sun

I’m chasing the sun, Won’t miss out on the fun… On the pursuit of happiness,I realized that more means less…”

If you know me a little bit, you know how important is music in my life. Honestly, i think that i’ve never lived one day without music. It’s the food of my mind, my soul, the rhythm of my heart. Also when i write my post here, i listen something, i’m obsessed with 3-4 songs: top of the list is Stay with me by Sam Smith, and among others, there’s a song with a text that inspires me, Chasing the sun, it gives me a positive, though the sound does not inspire me much. This song says you have to enjoy life, love, in short, to have that joy of life that sometimes can not miss if you have too many commitments, too much stress, too much trouble. But just a smile, a kind word, a caress, and the world is spinning in the right direction. And while this girl who writes to you everyday still looking for love, well I let the positivity and the sweetness of music, friends, my post here with you invade me. Today, here in my city, it is a day of celebration. And even if you are far away, work, or do other things, behold, I share my smile with you 😉

“Love the life I live, And I will live the life I love, Open up my eyes and I will take whatever comes”

First outfit:
 Tally Weijl Jumper
Zara Black Leather Skirt
Topshop Ring

Second Outfit:

Tally Weijl White Tshirt
Be Chic long Necklace
Bijou Brigitte short necklace and bracelet
RayBan Vintage Sunglasses

Thirs Outfit:
 Zara Yellow Jacket
Zara Green Sleeveless shirt
Tally Weijl Jeans

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