These boots are made for walking… by Karma of Charme

I don’t know if i have ever talked with you about my Bohemian spirit. Oh yes, not only casual, chic, but my sense of style appreciates very much Bohemian style, i think it’s pretty, original, very particular. For this reason, today i share with you a new brand, Karma of Charme. I discovered it casually, and I really appreciate this kind of discoveries cause you can find everything.

This brand creates its fabulous creations in the Marche region, more precisely in the area of Civitanova, this land has always been known for its high quality manufacturing. 

Its creations are made ​​by the best craftsmen who specialize in this area, and they create a high quality product.

Fall/Winter Collection stems from a desire to bring together two different worlds, cold and heat: the heat of a fur and cold steel, silver and gold colors. Metal details, such as chains, adorn these boots charming and comfortable.

Some of them bring to mind the  traditional moccasin boots worn by Native Americans, and they refer to a Bohemian, young, free, a little bit hippy, style.
The boots are able to give glamor to any outfit a wild, far, give a sense of the “journey” of “lived” as if they had some kind of stories to tell.

Not just shoes, but highly desirable and iconic pieces that create special “connections” with the wearer.

Have you ever experienced that wonderful feeling of well-being that comes when you know quite comfortable with what you wear? Well, these boots have this power, the power of Karma 😉

Do you see the picture below? Well, i imagined the perfect outfit for that boots (I would love to have! Who would not want them?): denim shorts, white T-shirt with a vintage mood, wide-brimmed hat ( just like the hat i have in photo-profile) hand bag with fringes. So cool, wild and perfect!!!!!! Do you like my idea?
I hope to be able to realize sooner or later (rest assured, I will show if it happens).

Use the power of Karma of Charme to give a bohemian touch to your outfit and you will not regret the results.

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