OBRANI Collection…perfect combination of style and quality

New Brand, New Style: this is the motto of Team Landon, and today, it’s time to share with you OBRANI Collection.

OBRANI Brand is famous for its original style and particular locations for fashion shows. The latest one took place under historical arches of Art Arsenal.
In a gorgeous setting with the smell of the cut grass, delicate flowers perched on slender columns, Helen Migdisova, OBRANI brand designer, has launched her latest creations.

Nature has always been the main inspiration for her work, costantly drawing energy and beauty.

On the musical notes of Dakh Daughters Band, models have showed mini-skirts in the fold, romantic “floor-length” skirts as well as ‘flying’ blouses, light summer coats, capes and elegant dresses.
The fabrics used are of the best Italian quality, just like organza, silk, thin or tight and shiny satin jersey.

Helen Migdisova has transformed the elements of the costumes into a huge number of combinations, in order to create unique images: so you can have the possibility to build” a dress out of a blouse and skirt or rather you can wear them separately.

The result is a connection between the upper and lower part of different colors together with the textile solutions, all in a color palette that ranges from milk, ecru, jet black, pure sky-blue to shades of grey, from mélange-steel to pearl, shade of pink icing and navy. 
But not only clothing: a particular attention is paid to the quality and functionality of the accessories and parts. The hallmark of OBRANI can be weightless organza bows or pearl Dickey, but the idea is to create charming accessory.


After the fashion show, all guests were invited to enjoy the cake with the miniature made of sugar and chocolate collection replicas: an unusual and very tasty gift, presented by the Russian customers of OBRANI.  

A famous Moscow based pastry chef Renat Agzamov made it especially for the event.

A magical night, an enchanted setting, an amazing collection: all this happens by OBRANI.

Cristina Izzo

Editor in Chief of TheAuburnGirl. Former Fashion Editor of Quotidianomime.com

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