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The harmony of opposites by Massimo Ardizzone

Good Monday!! I just need to smile, also if my pc is not working, argh!! Have you enjoyed this touch of “early spring” this weekend? Strangely, in my land, spring is not come yet, but it’s in the air, i feel it. So, today, i decided to not share a spring/summer collection (yes, i’m jealous, i love winter, but i think spring is very pretty), but a little preview  of one italian Fall/WInter ’14 collection.  It’s a strong-glam collection, full of power, leather and woman-power. Ladies, you’ll want in your closet this clothes. Today is the debut of Massimo Ardizzone on TAG.

This collection is a meeting of opposites, where the lightness of the environment and some fabrics meet the strength and power of other tissues, such as leather, realizing itself in a collection of dresses and coats really explosive. 
The lines of the garments are clean and in contrast with the rich, baroque style tissues, full and important volumes of the skirts and bodices pay homage to the feminine silhouette, giving a three-dimensional effect to the whole picture. 
Fur trimmings in organza enrich the clothes and covers, adding volume and density to the new lines. From the micro jacquard designs coated fabrics, embroideries from dull skin with decorations inspired by the mosaics. Light and dark, black and white: a strong woman, self-confident, able to cross the fashions, to create her own.
This collection is fascinating, for its determination, for its innovative mood, style presiozo and refined, but never pretentious or too studied. All pieces in the collection are fascinating, beautiful, and yes, I admit it out loud: I GIVE ANYTHING TO WEAR AT LEAST ONE!

Pictures: Maximilian Linz Press Office

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