giovedì, Ottobre 22

Tezenis- What to buy ( for me) to be always casual chic

Good Thursday! Did you pass a good New Year’s Eve? I hope so. I ate too much, i danced, i drank (not too much) and played. I was with family and friends. What I could want more?

But my festive period is coming to an end, and it’s time that I start (and millions of people like me) to think about sales. 
Oh yes, i just want to be prepared, i just want to be ready, so I decided to do an analysis for each brand that appeals to me, and from there select what attracts me most (80% of a collection).

Today, i want to share with you an Italian famous brand: Tezenis

This brand is known for its varied, colorful and funny underwear and also for its good quality. But what attracts me most are his sweatshirt, his sweaters, in line with seasonal trends. Clothes are smart, easy, casual-chic, comfortable, in a nutshell, simply fantastic.

I made my selection, and including hoodies, mini dresses, tank tops and leggins, there is a lot of crazy stuff with which to create outfits for every day and for the evening.

Being extremely versatile clothing, it is possible to create many mix-and-match, using from the ballerinas to high heels, from wedges to sneakers.

I hope my wishlist can inspire you and, maybe, find what you look for. Stay tuned!

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