giovedì, Ottobre 22

Give a touch of style to your personality with Bark

Happy Friday!!! New year, old consuetude. I have not lost the habit nor the interest in discovering new brands. 
So, while many things take off, I find security in old habits. Not everyone loves the habit, but I find that in it there is something comforting.

But it’s time to go back to talk about fashion. Today, it’s a pleasure for me to share with you Bark

If you are looking for style,uniqueness and creativity, well, this brand is the perfect answer.

What attracts me most of this brand are blazers, trench and Parka

Long or short, fantasy Jacquard with Lurex threads or one color, these blazers are very attractive because they are very feminine, well-structured, versatile, they range from a casual, urban style to a more classic and elegant. 
All this without losing the quality of the fabrics used, such as rubberized cotton, linen, floral jacquard, without forgetting the regimental variant with lurex.

The pieces that I think are really strong collections of the classic coat, like the model that you can see in the last photo of this post, and the Varsity Jacket, available in a short version and a long, both with leather sleeves. 

I would see these Varsity jackets with a feminine but very casual dress, ankle boots or sneakers and a small shoulder bag. What do you think about my idea? Do you like it?

I like this brand also for its motto, it inspires me and i want to share with you: “We want to celebrate identity. AND SAY IT LOUD”.

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