My Inglot Experience in Coin Store

It could a normal friday out with my friend V, we walked around the city, see some stores, an ice cream: a typical afternoon with a friend.
We arrived in front of the showcase of Coin, where it was exposed:

So, you have to know that V. is very interested to make-up, so we came in. A nice make-up artist of Inglot, Cristina De Domenico, showed us all the products and she proposed us to make up. Of course, i said yes! 
She used on my eyes AMC Corretive Illuminator; after this operation, she chose many eyeshadows to create shade effect with colours.
Moreover, she used Black Amc Eye Pencil in the corner and in the lower part of the eyes, and then she addes mascara. I was… no words: it was perfect!
A small sprinkling of Amc Multicolour System Highlighting Powder in the end.
The products are very very good and resistant, they arenot heavy and delicate skin like mine doesn’t affected. This Polish brand is very famous in the world and it is constantly expanding thanks also to its quality. If you have the occasion, try it. 
You have to know also that with Inglot, we can compose palette that you want with the colours that you choose or with powder, blush, or powder and eye shadows.

Two Cris: Cristina and Cristina

For all info check on Inglot Official Page or on Inglot Cosmetics

Thanks to make up artist Cristina De Domenico for the amazing job!
My outfit:

Tezenis Tshirt
Zara Shorts
Mango Touch Bag
Mango Necklace
OVS Necklaces

All pics are taken with camera of Samsung Galaxy S Duos

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