domenica, Ottobre 25

Special Accessories with… Accessoriati

My favorite!I love it!

I know, i am not a good blogger, i passed too times away from my blog, and i can say only: I’M SORRY!!!! So, please forgive me for my absenca, but it was a truly delusional period. Not so bad, because i found an interesting and nice eshop. You know my passion for bags and clutch and ,looking this pics, you will understand where i will spend my money next time! Name of Brand is Accessoriati, you can find not only bags and clutch, but also jewellery, hair accessories and hats. I like the style of the clutch, they are adapt for every kind of occasion. Of course, my favorite is on top of this post, i love uk flag, and the clutch is simply perfect. What do you think about that? Do you like it?
If you want to discover more about this brand, check on Accessoriati on FB or on Accessoriati Store

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