martedì, Gennaio 19

Aztec Style

I remember that when i was a very young girl, i was really fascinated by Aztec world, by their culture, customs, and traditions. Of course, i appreciated also their sense of style, and for this spring, it seems that fashion world is fascinated exactly like me. So, i found some things really delicious in some of my favorite e-commerce… i think that it’s time to work for my little credit.card!

Zalando Dress

Zalando Dress

Tally Weijl Skinny pants
Tally Weijl Embroidered Crop top
Zara Dress
Zara Dress

Zara Bag
Asos Dress
Asos Dress
Asos Brassière a righe azteche
Do you like them? My favorite piece? The latter top that you see. It’s absolutely perfect for the summer or under a jacket during the sping (when it wil arrive!!!), and luckily, i have a very good relantioship with Asos!

                                                         Stay tuned for other fashion news!

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