Sunglasses: different models for every face

My favorite! i adore!

In this period, , i don’t know why, but i can’t go out without them; when i go around my city, my sunglasses are my bff cause i’m a clear and honest woman, so you can see in my eyes all the emotions that i feel: curiosity, contempt, appreciation, love, i’m an “open-book”. So, when i wear sunglasses, i can hide my emotions, and i’m totally free to show what’s in my mind. 
I found, on the web, original models, i’m a fanatic of RayBan wayfarer, the best model of sunglasses for me, but i don’t mind even those with more rounded shapes, John Lennon style. What’s your favorite model?

 You can find all these models on Fashion Accessories, except RayBan.