Put your sneakers on, with 2STAR

Few years ago, a song recited these words “Put your sneakers on, We’re goin’ dancin’ all night long, Put your sneakers on… Let’s go all night long”.… 

For a girl like me, this was a hymn, I’ve always loved sneakers. Best kind of shoes, with ballerinas, for me. They are comfortable, cool, stylish and indestructible. They give a touch of casual style to the outfit, generally, i wear my favorite pair of sneakers with denim, black tshirt and leather jacket. I feel so pretty-rock with that mood!

So, you can undestand my joy when i discovered 2STAR, an italian fashion label that produced amazing sneakers!

This label  is distinguished from others by its ability to understand and interpret in an entirely new way audience tastes.
It reinterprets in an original fashion, shoes, creating bold, versatile, bold, beautiful from every point of view.The shoes have a decidedly urban flavor, but stand out among all the “city” shoes.

From fantasy prints to camouflage, passing to the studs and glitters, you can find all seasonal trends in 2STAR collection, in a palette of vibrant colors and seductive. Vintage, rock, casual, urban mood, there is something for all tastes.

In this holiday season, get off the beaten heels and give a kick to your style, with 2STAR shoes. You will not regret it 😉

Imagine: denim or leather, your favorite sweater and your favorite coat, does not attract you the idea?