Punk and good actions

My father told me once ” Chi è più bello di te, si trucca”. No, i won’t translate it, only cuz it’s too funny say it in italian language. But i’m good, so i’ll tell you something.

Two good news: th first one is that as soon as possible The Auburn Girl will change… ready for the surprise? Ah – ah, you have to wait, sorry. Everything in due time. The second good news is the latest collaboration between MAC Cosmetics and Miley Cyrus. After the “bad girl” Rihanna, the queen of twerking- provocation and good songs will launch a lipgloss and a lipstick Viva Glam MAC Cosmetics. If you don’t know, Viva Glam supports people living with HIV / AIDS around the world. 100% of the proceeds of sale of the products is bound to the MAC AIDS Fund. So, it’s for a good reason, so you can help someone, do it.

And now, an another good news for all make up lovers. Kiko Cosmetics has launched Haute Punk, You know my punk side so you can imagine how i was thrilled when i discovered the news. Intense colors and must-have products make lips fuller and defined. The nails capture all the attention, thanks to the shiny reflections of nail lacquer. And then, that red lipstick… i adore it!!! You know, i’m not a big fan of make up, but i can’t go without my red lipstick on. Eyeshadows are intense and precious. I don’t know why, but I think my next purchase will be something to both of these collections. And you? Spent a good Halloween?
Pictures: for Viva Glam- Vogue Uk
For Haute Punk – Kiko Cosmetics Official Website