Casual as i am

Don’t judge the others, if you don’t wanna be judged. Last night while the world was celebrating Halloween, i’ve spent my night at the cinema watching a movie that remembers me the first sentence of this post.

The movie was The Judge with Robert Downey J, and i can assure you that without Iron Man mask there is an interesting world to discover. Downey J has reminded me how can be difficult being a daughter and a parent. Intense dialogue and screams, hard words and a lot of love. Not the usual movie,not the usual Downey J, here more honedt and true than other times. And, outside the cinema, around me there were zombie,bitches and witches, and ghosts, i wore my topshop slippers, jeans and leather jackets,thinking that casual style is underestimated, and it’s bad cuz when you’re casual you pay attention to important things. Relax and take it casual asthis collection by Motivi. Don’t waste your time amd enjoy the life, maybe with a pair of jeans and a pretty sweaters, cuz if you live intensely you can remember and enjoy more what you wear.
Ps: Robert Downey Junior, what can i say to you? For the first time i did not miss Tony Stark, cuz Robert is better.
Pictures: Motivi Official Website