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 Take a breath and… and good Monday! While i’m writing this post, i’m waiting for the Super Bowl, i don’t know who will win but i say “C’mon Seahawks!!”, a cup pf tea and i’m ready to watch it. Curious to watch also Katy Perry performance, i know that it does not matter how tired i am but i’ll start to sing all her songs. Well well, it’s Monday morning and today i don’t talk about fashion, but make up. The fact is i spent my Sunday resting and reading, so i decided to postpone my usual appointment with make up to today. Today is day of girls’ bff, MAC Cosmetic. This new collaboration in partnership with Isabel and Ruben Toledo will be available from 5th February, so you don’t have to wait very long. 45 products but i love this collection for another reason, cuz i love red lipstick and red nail lacquer, well, my soul will be satisfied by a wide range of different intensities of red. OMG! I know that not all people can share my passion/addition for the red color, so don’t be worried cuz you can find also soft lilacs, neutral browns, true blues, and a pop of lime for eyes. All colors of SS 2015 Catwalks will be with you. Shine, girls, shine.

 ps today, if you have time, watch Mango Fashion Show Live from Barcelona Fashion Week, click here.

ps2 if you want to watch Katy Perry Performance at the Superbowl, click here


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