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Limpid garlands by Angelos Frentzos

Good morning! After Oscar night, nothing remains the same. There were many winners announced, a few surprises and the best that Hollywood had to offer. Many high fashion was present, few actors and actresses have made ​​missteps, like Anna Kendrick, but a slip forgive anyone.

The designer that I am presenting to you today is maybe not ready for the red carpet, but it has definitely clear ideas for the future, has its own style and brings new ideas on the catwalks. What Italian fashion need right now. I introduce you Angelos Frentzos.

Angelos Frentzos has a clear idea of its concept of woman: woman is many different things at the same time, she can be strong and playfull, she knows her high-profile attitude, but she has a great sense of irony about herself. Collection includes clothes with colours of nature, a woman ready to fight and live in an urban jungle, not very easy. 

 Bombers, skirts, dresses and jumpers show a touch of nature, almost like a flowery field. Fur are realized with crystal, and they create a 3D effect: the woman is proud and confident, able to wear any item of clothing with independent spirit. As the net, which showcases the female body, exalting and wrapping it, seducing the viewer. 

Hats capture the attention for their floral ornaments, their shapes, their lines, their sizes, sometimes excessive. They are not always exciting, but in a way they pay homage to the woman and nature, and that both create harmony.

Pictures: Maximilian Linz Press Office

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