Lady Vintage (For Halloween)

Have you ever looked at something that remember you a picture or a musical? In short, something very artistic. Behold, I have looked at this collection and in mind there was only one thing, better, two: The Rocky Horror Pictures Show and Halloween.

 I don’t say that collection is bad, in reality, I like this collection, but try to remove the background and put the model front a background of a vintage cafè, or an ancient castle or maybe the city of New Orleans (which I watch the TV series The Originals and this collection reminds me it. If you watch it you can understand). These look are pretty, so chic, with that 50s and a little touch of 70s in their moods and lines, but maybe because we are in Halloween theme, I think that with a suitable makeup, and wearing one of these outfits, any girl could be a chic vampire(The Rocky Horror Pictures Show and The Originals strike again, argh!!). What then, tell me, what girl has not dreamed of wearing a corset under a leather biker jacket with military details, or sequins? For once, everyone wears a mask, unless they do in everyday life (which is even worse). It’s a liberating way to forget about ourselves for once and be who we want to be. In these outfits, there’s drama, style, elegance, a bit of vintage (I never tire of repeating that never hurts), and a bit of military style that makes us women look very sexy. Now, tell me, who of you has a better idea for Halloween? I’m here waiting for your opinions in the meantime I imagine myself with the seventh outfit here in this post next to Niklaus Michaelson, aka Joseph Morgan. It’s Halloween, girls, dreaming is lawful.
Pictures: Messagerie / Maximilian Linz

Cristina Izzo

Editor in Chief of TheAuburnGirl. Former Fashion Editor of

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