Invictus Games -be the master of your fate

Work hard, play hard. This has been my motto during this days. But yesterday,i have seen something that has reall inspired me. Invictus Games.

Invictus Games are an extraordinary experience for everyone, a sort of paralympic games for injured soldiers. Prince Harry is the mind behind this idea and i think he is a genius. I have seen men and women who are source of inspiration and courage. They don’t give up in front of an obstacle,indeed they are stronger and fight more than before.
Born from the idea of ​​creating something similar to the Warriors Games, Prince Harry has worked very hard to realize the event. 
A wonderful initiative that met with general enthusiasm. Talking to the people who work there, they all praised this initiative. Personnally,i really enjoyed the general great atmosphere, i liked very much watching sitting volleyball matches. At the end, i can say “well done, Harry”.A wonderful initiative that has met

  • Pictures: The Auburn Girl / Samsung Galaxy Tab III

Cristina Izzo

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