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Some ideas for Christmas gifts by Reiss

Welcome back on TAG! A new week is started, and Christmas time is coming, and i’m extremely happy for it!

Christmas, for me, is magnificent: the cold, many cups of tea or hot chocolate, walks in the snow (if you have it) or in the rain, prepare to decorate the Christmas tree, give everything a magical atmosphere, think about gifts. Yeah, gifts…

Sometimes the idea of buying Christmas gifts terrifies me, I want to find something pleasant, helpful, but especially nice for people i love. 

But fortunately, there are those who sometimes gives you a hand, as Reiss.

The idea that I have in mind is something that will give the person concerned that “something extra”, something that will leave a mark in any outfit, not just a nice thought.

Among the various ideas proposed by Reiss, I have made my personal “wishlist” of what I’d like to give and receive, some of the seasonal trendss , others are evergreen classics. So, why not think about some nice, colorful brooch, or a precious clutch to wear in the evening of Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve?
Or why not give it a touch more chic and whimsical hat with a burgundy color that catches the attention?

And for your men?

Think of something that you’d like to see him wear, something that would make you happy, you and him.
But do not forget that men, more often than not,  are much more “practical” than women.
Then, choose things that you think he can wear: you can also have more than a thousand bags and believe not get enough, but if he is the type to “sweatshirt-jeans” it is useless to give away cufflinks. Be clever 😉
I hope you like my ” Reiss wishlist for her and for him”,  and if you have any tips for me, please feel free to do so!

Stay tuned for many other Christmas ideas! (and don’t be The Grinch!)

And here, some ideas for men…

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