She is famous thanks to “Gossip Girl” series, where she was the it-girl of the show, Serena Van der Woodsen; but now, Miss Lively is become Mrs.Reynolds.
Just like her famous character, Blake Lively has a great sense for fashion and style; she is Karl Lagerfeld’s muse, for elegance, for her beauty, and for her intense eye; in fact, Chanel boss wanted her for advertising campaign of Chanel bags.

Do you remember Madonna when she sang Vogue? She sang “strike a pose”, and Blake Lively has a natural pose in front of camera, such as a real top model. Her style is a mix of clothing of famous brands; also, she is very capable of mixing right accessories and coordinate them to mood of the outfit, not only for a red carpet but also daily.

Serena Van der Woodsen was it-girl; Blake Lively is sure a fashion icon.

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