You know me, i really adore Mango. This brand represents me in every part of my spirit, it shows my vision of fashion world. When i wear a Mango clothes, i feel comfortable, chic, rock, and yes, pretty. 
Starring of the collection is the ex-angel Miranda Kerr. She is the right choice for the brand, and especially for this collection: Miss Kerr has fine and well definifite lines which contrast well with the volumes of clothing. Her androgynous  and ,at same time, sensual charm makes clothes perfect  to enhance the femininity of every woman.

For fall/winter 2013 collection, Mango is inspired, for me, by the city. Oversize lines, mlitary-inspired jackets, a lot of denim and animalier print on cardigans and accesories.
A beautiful collection for a woman who wants to be strong but, at the same time, without sacrificing her most feminine and sensual part.

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