mercoledì, Marzo 3


Honestly, I get up at 5.00 in the morning to go back to London / House is a fantastic thing. See the sun rise, sunrise, so intense, and some clouds on the horizon, well it is something breathtaking.

It is one thing that gives me hope and strength, and with this in mind I am leaving to go home, I go to get back where I belong. While you read this post, maybe i’ll on the plane listening something (Sam Smith, probably, or something else) and maybe trying to sleep. If you wanna follow London Fashion Week stay tuned here, and follow me also on Twitter and Instagram. I will keep you updated as I can. Promise!
Today, i show you the latest collection of an old friend of TAG, a brand dear to my heart, Maiden Art. A collection made of contrasts, just as I like it, and just as I am. Love and hate, soft lines and studs, chains and pearls, colored stones and intracci. A mix of vanity and fun.

Pictures: Maiden Art Press Office

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