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Hi girls!!!! Sometimes I do not know how I’d do without Ale!!!  The fact that she is a dear friend and a fierce PR makes my job very easy. Among the many talents of Ale is the ability to find brand new and interesting, as the brand i talk with you today, Bima, a swimwear company, founded in the 70’s by Elefante Biagio, Raffaela Amodio, and Elefante Alessandro.
This brand is well known in its field thanks to its thirty years of experience, the quality of its products, and its ever-changing style.

For Summer 2014, the brand has focused on two very special collection: the first is called “M’ama non M’ama, and the second one is a capsule collection in collaboration with the blogger MariaGiovanna Abagnale of My Glamour Attitudeand here I show you the collection. The collection is colorful, lively, embodies the bright colors of summer, and these colors cover bikini, or mini-bikini, with graceful forms. The upper part of bikini is a model band, not too opaque, leaves room for tanning. The edges are irregular, soft, and really create a sensual effect. The bikinis are made ​​with the finest fabrics and materials on the market: solid color fabrics, patterned and laminated to create costumes that besides being beautiful are especially convenient for those who have to wear. The rolled-hued costumes are very unique, as if it would create points of light around the body. Virtually will emphasize your tan ever. Ok, are you ready to seduce and have fun at the beach? Bima Bikini wil help you 😉 

Pictures: Bima Costumi

Cristina Izzo

Editor in Chief of TheAuburnGirl. Former Fashion Editor of

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