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Beauty on Sunday – w curly hair!

Good Sunday! Now here at TAG, Sunday is a time of beauty reviews, tips, tested products for you. Well, today I want to share with you something that concerns me closely, so as to Ale: our hair.

As many people say they are fascinated by the color and the type of my hair, my hair does not get stressed the influence on me. I’m auburn, curly, curly but not a well-defined, it would be too much grace.

So what should you do a poor desperate like me, not to go crazy every time she has to do a shampoo, does not want to waste too much time but still want the best result?

Over the years, I realized that the secret is constant care and varied. Never use too much time for the same type of products: for example, if one times use a mask for distressed hair, the next time you use a mask adapted to your hair type.

Usually, I use Sunsilk products for curly hair, I find them very good because they do not weigh down the hair, they act up but not irritate the skin or weaken. Once a week, after shampooing, I apply a mask on the hair instead of conditioner. Lately, I find that those are the best of the Omia not contain parabens, sles or other harmful substances, and the masks are highly effective.

Other products best are those of Franck Provost, which cost a bit more than those mentioned above, but ensure healthy hair and perfect. During times of increased stress, if I can, I use Kerastase products: they are of excellent quality, and act on the hair as if to create a barrier and the hair is visibly healthy and shiny even after just one use.

Of course, I will not have hair with perfect curls like those of the models in these photos, unfortunately I do not have the talent of a hairdresser, but at least my hair is healthy

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