giovedì, Ottobre 22

Spring Time with Primark 2014

Good Saturday. While you read this article, i’ll be with Ale for a coffè, and a moment to rest. I did not think I had to deal with so many things before departure, but, as they say, fortune favors the brave. I hope it is true!

And in this moment of relaxation, it occurs to me that shopping is an excellent therapy to relax, as well as staying with friends. If we combine these two, the mix is really winning.

A dear friend of mine was recently in London, and if you really want to go shopping without ruining your credit card, the place where you need to go is one: Primark.

As I am curious by nature (tell me what woman is not curious, at least a little), I walked around on the internet and I found some pictures of the collection spring summer 2014.

A perfect combination of sporty and casual-chic style. The collection runs between transparencies, lace, colorful prints, vibrant and bright colors, like the pink and the blinding white, stripes and polka dots mixed together.

There is boldness in each piece, simple but effective because it captures the attention, simply because you can mix it and offer it in the style that is best suited to you, given by the versatility of each piece.
Heeled sandals low or very high, boots, sneakers, messenger bags and huge bags to carry by hand, straw hats and fabric hats, jewelry “flashy” are endless possibilities this collection offers, confident that everything takes the mind and the spirit that touch of spring that everyone likes.

Personally, I like the outfit that absolute is that of the second image below: eclectic, versatile, damn glam, I would like to finish with a big black straw hat, a small shoulder bag patent leather red and big sunglasses. Spring, here I am!

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