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Bags from fairy tales by Benedetta Bruzziches

Good Saturday!! You certainly know my passion for bags. I have my little, personal, modest collection, and i’m very proud of it, and yes, i always say i have no bags to wear, but c’mon i’m a woman, i can say it! Thanks to my job with MIME and thank to the blog, i collaborate usually with many PR Agencies, and i discover many new interesting brands. Well, when i discovered this brand, I thought only one thing: UAOOO! I’ve never seen something so pretty, perfect and beautiful like creations of Benedetta Bruzziches.
I read her story on her site, she is very talented for writing, i discovered that she grew up in Caprarola, a nice place i visited when i was very young, but if you wanna know something more, read here.

Spring Summer 2014 Collection is based on a fairy tale. Do you believe in the fairy tales where there is a princess who asks to a mirror who is the fairest of the kingdom? Well, these bags are a real magic, because every woman is a princess inside. The bag is the best ally of every woman, and from Mary Poppins to the present day, on bags we have always contained the world that every woman always takes with herself. The bag can be big or small, it doesn’t matter, we always put inside of it all.

These bags are the most beautiful things I’ve seen so far because these are bags that meet the style of every woman, they give light, a certain amount of charm and interest, due to their unusual lines, but they do not steal the scene, rather enrich. They have details and processes that you do not see around, and you can tell me “it’s too small,” and I could answer that is true, but why be fooled by appearances? On the other hand, it is not just a fairy tale that says that “true beauty lies within”? Then, let the braids, reflections, bright colors, capture your eyes and let these bags are something that will always accompany you, in your outfits for day and evening.

I don’t know Benedetta Bruzziches, but i think that she has been able to replicate the bags that you see in the drawings of fairy tales’ books, or those of the princesse Cartoon: those bags are ethereal, perfect, harmonious and beautiful bags that make even the simplest outfit. I believe that Benedetta Bruzziches has managed to capture the spirit that is so hard to see in real life. And, maybe fot this reason, her bags are so special.

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